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Cambridge Private Doctors can offer you fast, efficient and confidential sexual health screening. No need to worry or wait in line. Most infections can be ruled out by means of a simple blood test or a urine screen making the process painless and over in a matter of minutes.

We fully appreciate how difficult it is for patients to both address their sexual health concerns and access screening. Unfortunately many people don't practice safe sex or follow the principal of "if you take a risk you take a test".

This puts both them and their other contacts at risk. Patients worry about the impact of an infection being identified and the confidentiality of their personal information; the GP is rarely the first port of call when you have had a sexual mishap and navigating your way through the NHS sexual health service can be daunting.

Most people believe they are in the clear when it comes to their sexual health. Sadly the absence of symptoms does not signify the absence of disease. For example, one in five of the 100,000 people with HIV in the UK don't even know they have it, because they haven't taken a test. Similarly for Chlamydia - one of the most commonly diagnosed infections - 50% of men and 80% of women have no symptoms whatsoever. This is why screening of sexually active people is imperative even in a seemingly healthy population.

Rather than assuming you are in the clear why not confirm it by taking a test today.

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